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Past Issue: Apr-May 2015, Volume-7 Issue-6


Title: Rotor, Rotor Everywhere…. Nor any Place to Find….

Credits: Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy MD, Andrea Natale MD

Original Research

Case Report

Title: A Difficult Case of Atrial Tachycardia

Credits: Meruka Hazari MD, Deepak Saluja MD

Title: Conjoined Inferior Pulmonary Veins during Pulmonary Vein Isolation: Prevalence and Novel Approach for Pulmonary Vein Isolation with Cryoballoon

Credits: Estelle Torbey MD, Jonathan Spagnola MD , Rob Sangrigoli MD FHRS*, John Harding MD, FHRS*, Marcin Kowalski MD, FHRS

Title: Cardiac Plug I and Amulet Devices: Left Atrial Appendage Closure for Stroke Prophylaxis in Atrial Fibrillation

Credits: Akhil Parashar MD, E. Murat Tuzcu MD FACC FSCAI, Samir R Kapadia MD FACC FSCAI.

Title: Radiation dose is significantly reduced by use of contact force sensing catheter during circumferential pulmonary vein isolation

Credits: Giuseppe Stabile, Antonio De Simone, Francesco Solimene, Assunta Iuliano, Vincenzo La Rocca, Vincenzo Schillaci, Alfonso Panella, Gergana Shopova, Felice Nappi, Francesco Urraro, Giovanni Russo, Giovanni Napolitano, Paola Chiariello

Title: ECG patterns in cardiac resynchronization therapy

Credits: Antonius van Stipdonk, Sofieke Wijers, Mathias Meine, Kevin Vernooy

Title: Optimizing CRT – do we need more leads and delivery methods

Credits: Pieter Martens, Frederik Hendrik Verbrugge, Wilfried Mullens

Title: How to identify & treat epicardial origin of RVOT tachycardias

Credits: Cristiano F Pisani, Sissy Lara, Carina Hardy, Mauricio Scanavacca

Title: A questionable indication for ICD extraction after successful VT ablation

Credits: Luca Segreti, MD, Andrea Di Cori, MD, Giulio Zucchelli, MD, PhD, Ezio Soldati, MD, Giovanni Coluccia, MD, Stefano Viani, MD, Luca Paperini, MD, Maria Grazia Bongiorni, MD, FESC

Title: Understanding and Managing Atrial Fibrillation in Patients with Kidney Disease

Credits: Yazan Khouri, Tiona Stephens, Gloria Ayuba, Hazim Al-Ameri, Nour Juratli, Peter A. McCullough

Journal Review

Title: Intracardiac echocardiography in catheter ablation: It is better to see what you are doing

Credits: Dr. Taishi Kuwahara

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