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Radiation dose is significantly reduced by use of contact force sensing catheter during circumferential pulmonary vein isolation

The creation of a durable radiofrequency (RF) lesion depends on several parameters, including catheter tip electrode size and composition, tip orientation, temperature, RF pulse duration, power, blood flow, and catheter to tissue contact. The development


of new contact force (CF) sensor catheters has allowed the measurement of the tip to tissue CF during the RF ablation procedure. Here, we describe the clinical experience obtained using CF catheters for atrial fibrillation ablation, with a specific focus on the impact of CF technology on acute procedural data (procedure and fluoroscopy time).

Credits: Giuseppe Stabile; Antonio De Simone; Francesco Solimene; Assunta Iuliano, Vincenzo La Rocca; Vincenzo Schillaci; Alfonso Panella; Gergana Shopova; Felice Nappi; Francesco Urraro; Giovanni Russo; Giovanni Napolitano; Paola Chiariello

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