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Past Issue: Jun-Jul 2020, Volume-13 Issue-1


Title: Exploring the Mysteries of Neurocardiovascular Axis

Credits: Dhanunjaya (DJ) Lakkireddy

Guest Editorial

Title: Guest Editorial

Credits: Brian Olshansky, Tolga Aksu

Special Issue

Title: Drug Therapy for Vagally-Mediated Atrial Fibrillation and Sympatho-Vagal Balance in the Genesis of Atrial Fibrillation: A Review of the Current Literature

Credits: Pattara Rattanawong, Jakrin Kewcharoen , Komandoor S Srivathsan, Win-Kuang Shen

Title: Device Autonomic Regulation Therapy in Patients with Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction

Credits: Noah N. Williford , Giselle Statz , Douglas L. Mann, Brian Olshansky

Title: Impact of Yoga on Cardiac Autonomic Function and Arrhythmias

Credits: Krishna Akella , Sri Harsha Kanuri Ghulam Murtaza, Domenico G. Della Rocca , Naresh Kodwani, Mohit K. Turagam, Andrea Natale, Rakesh Gopinathannair,Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

Title: Cardiac Neuroanatomy For The Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Credits: Peter Hanna, Jeffrey L. Ardell, Kalyanam Shivkumar

Title: Pacing Therapies for Vasovagal Syncope

Credits: Krishna Akella , Brian Olshansky, Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, Rakesh Gopinathannair

Title: Role of Ganglionated Plexus Ablation in Atrial Fibrillation on the Basis of Supporting Evidence

Credits: Carina Hardy,Esteban Rivarola,Mauricio Scanavacca

Title: Sympathetic Denervation for Treatment of Ventricular Arrhythmias

Credits: Heajung L. Nguyen, Marmar Vaseghi

Title: Defining Cardiac Dysautonomia Different Types, Overlap Syndromes; Case-based Presentations

Credits: Suzanne Feigofsky, Artur Fedorowski

Title: Diagnostic Tools to Assess Dysfunction of Autonomic Control of the Heart

Credits: Richard Sutton

Title: The Road to Atrial Fibrillation: The Role of the Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System

Credits: Varun Malik, Ricardo Mishima, Adrian D. Elliott, Dennis H Lau, Prashanthan Sanders

Title: Psychogenic Pseudosyncope: Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Management

Credits: Alessandra Alciati, Dana Shiffer, Franca Dipaola, Franca Barbic, Raffaello Furlan

Title: Vagal Stimulation and Arrhythmias

Credits: Chengzhe Liu, Hong Jiang, Lilei Yu, Sunny S. Po

Title: Impact of Denervation by Heart Transplantation on Post-operative Atrial Fibrillation Susceptibility

Credits: Neeraj Sathnur , Jian-Ming Li , Darshan Krishnappa , David G Benditt

Title: Cardioneuroablation in the Management of Vasovagal Syncope, Sinus Node Dysfunction and Functional Atrioventricular Block: Patient Selection Based on Supporting Evidence

Credits: Tolga Aksu, Tumer Erdem Guler

Title: Non-Pharmacological and Pharmacological Management of Cardiac Dysautonomia Syndromes

Credits: Lucy Y Lei , Derek S Chew , Roopinder K Sandhu , Robert S Sheldon, Satish R Raj

Title: Cardioneuroablation in the Management of Vasovagal Syncope, Sinus Node Dysfunction, and Functional Atrioventricular Block - Techniques

Credits: Feng Hu, Yan Yao

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