The Unveiling of a Modern Pandemic!


Dear colleagues

Welcome to the current issue of the Journal of Atrial Fibrillation. The pandemic unveils itself into its second year and the end doesn’t seem to be anywhere near. It is incredible to see how effectively our leaders have succeeded in making into a political issue than that of health. Thanks to you all we are making slow but steady progress we have made in understanding and managing COVID.

I am very excited to be the interim for the journal as we continue the search for the next Editor-in-Chief continues. I want to thank Dr. DJ Lakkireddy for his service as the immediate past Editor-in-Chief of the journal. His contributions behind and in-front of the screen helped us build this journal. We have some very exciting and thought provoking articles spanning the entire spectrum of Electrophysiology. There has been a significant delay in the release of this issue due to many unavoidable circumstances. Several of our staff members were affected by COVID and the team was significantly short-handed. We have now regrouped and ready to go on publishing and providing high quality scientific material completely free of charge for our readers.

We have adopted new electronic manuscript management system which should help us process the manuscripts much faster. The turn around times should improve as well. With the resurgence of COVID many of you might be affected in many ways. Please continue to encourage your unvaccinated patients to take the jab and contribute to the overall herd immunity. If you are eligible for the 3rd shot (booster) please go on take it. In Q4 of this year we will announce a new editorial team including the Editor-in-Chief. The scope of the journal will expand and will accept articles from all areas of Electrophysiology covering ablation, devices, left atrial appendage closure devices and basic research. We are considering makingthe journal into a monthly release over the next year. I strongly encourage you to submit your applications to join the editorial team as the selection process starts in a few weeks from now.

I once again appreciate the opportunity to present the current and future issues of the journal and your continued support and patronage.


Amin-Al-Ahmad MD, FACC, FHRS

Interim Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Atrial Fibrillation