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Past Issue: Aug-Sep 2018, Volume-11 Issue-2


Title: Atrial Fibrillation Awareness – How do we Tackle a Global Epidemic?

Credits: Andrea Natale MD, FACC, FHRS, FESC

Original Research

Title: Assessment of DNA Damage After Ionizing Radiation Exposure in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Device Implantation or Atrial Fibrillation Ablation (The RADAR Study)

Credits: Mohit K.Turagam, MD, Venkat Vuddanda, MD, Donita Atkins , BSN, Rakesh Venkata, MBBS, Bhavya YarlagaddaMBBS, Himabindu Korra, MBBS, Jaya Pitchika, MBBS, Sudharani Bommana , MS and Dhanujaya R. Lakkireddy, MD, FHRS

Title: Acute Pulmonary Vein Reconnection After Ablation using Contact-Force Sensing Catheters: Incidence, Timing, and Ablation Lesion Characteristics

Credits: Muhammad Balouch MD, Dong Juang MD, Bhradeev Sivasambu MD, Rizma J. Bajwa MD, Tarek Zghaib MD, Jonathan Chrispin MD, Ronald D. Berger MD, PhD, Hiroshi Ashikaga MD, PhD, Hugh Calkins MD, Joseph E. Marine MD, and David D. Spragg MD

Title: Remote Monitoring of Atrial High Rate Episodes in Pacemaker Patients. The RAPID Study Design

Credits: Vincenzo Russo MD PhD, Anna Rago MD, Vincenzo Tavoletta MD, Valter Bianchi MD, Cristina Carella MD, Giuseppe Ammirati MD, Aniello Viggiano MD, Stefano De Vivo MD, Antonio Rapacciuolo MD PhD, Gerardo Nigro MD PhD, Antonio D’Onofrio MD FESC

Title: Clinical Impact of the Cryoballoon Temperature and Occlusion Status on the Success of Pulmonary Vein Isolation

Credits: Takuro Nishimura, MD, Kaoru Okishige, MD, Yasuteru Yamauchi, MD, Hideshi Aoyagi, MD, Naruhiko Ito, MD, Yusuke Tsuchiya, MD, Takatoshi Shigeta, MD, Rena Nakamura, Mitsutoshi Asano, MD, Tomofumi Nakamura, MD, Hidetoshi Suzuki, MD, Tsukasa Shimura, MD, Manabu Kurabayashi, MD, Takehiko Keida, MD, Tetsuo Sasano, MD, Kenzo Hirao, MD

Title: Contact-Force Guided Pulmonary Vein Isolation does not Improve Success Rate in Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Patients and Severe Left Atrial Enlargement: A 12-month Follow-Up Study

Credits: Enes E. Gul, MD, Usama Boles, MD, Sohaib Haseeb, BSc, Wilma Hopman, MA, Kevin A. Michael, MD, Chris Simpson, MD, Hoshiar Abdollah, MD, Adrian Baranchuk, MD, Damian Redfearn, MD, and Benedict Glover, MD

Title: Compass Mapping, Double Potentials, Activation Patterns can Identify and Track Rotational Activity Sites in the Left Atrium of Humans with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation.

Credits: Donald S. Rubenstein, M.D., Ph.D., Hang Yin Ph.D. CEPS, and Sana A. Azami B.S

Title: Does Left Atrial Appendage Closure Reduce Mortality? A Vital Status Analysis of the Randomized PROTECT AF and PREVAIL Clinical Trials

Credits: William Whang, MD, David R. Holmes, MD, Marc A. Miller, MD, Marie-Noelle Langan, MD, Subbarao Choudry, MD, Aamir Sofi, MD, Jacob S. Koruth, MD, Srinivas R. Dukkipati, MD, Vivek Y. Reddy, MD

Case Report

Title: Successful Percutaneous Closure of Traumatic Right Ventricular Free Wall Rupture Using Amplatzer Vascular Plug Devices

Credits: Tawseef Dar MD, Bharath Yarlagadda MD, Prasad Gunasekaran MD, Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy MD, FACC, FHRS, Mark A. Wiley MD, FACC, FSCAI

Title: An Itchy Lead: First Reported Case of Ventricular Pacemaker Lead Self-extraction.

Credits: Brent Klinkhammer MD, PharmD, Yassar Almanaseer MD, & Mevan Wijetunga MD

Title: Complexities in the Atrial Fibrillation-Stroke Relationship: Improving Comprehension of Temporal Discordance, Magnitude Synergism, and Subclinical Atrial Fibrillation -- Three Sources of Consternation for Physicians Who Care for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Credits: James A. Reiffel, M.D.

Title: Clinical Relevance of the Spectral Tissue Doppler E/e’ Ratio in the Management of Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: a Comprehensive Review of the Literature.

Credits: Arques

Letters to Editor

Title: Avicenna and Tremor of the Heart

Credits: Mehrdad Ghahramani M.D, Mohammed Ruzieh M.D.

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