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Past Issue: Jun-Jul 2015, Volume-8 Issue-1


Title: ABIM and regulatory vagaries….What is the True Value of Repeated Testing?

Credits: Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, Andrea Natale

Original Research

Title: Systolic and Diastolic Function by Tissue Doppler Imaging Predicts Mortality in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Credits: Maria Dons, MB, Tor Biering-Sørensen, MD, PhD, Jan Skov Jensen, MD, PhD, DMSc, Thomas Fritz-Hansen, MD, Jan Bech, MD, PhD, Martina Chantal de Knegt, MD, Jacob Sivertsen, MD, Flemming Javier Olsen, MB, Rasmus Mogelvang, MD, PhD

Title: Lack of atorvastatin protective effect against atrial fibrillation in CETP TaqIB2B2 genotype

Credits: Francesca Galati, Antonio Galati, Serafina Massari

Title: Lone AF: Venice experience after five years

Credits: Mindy Vroomen, Laurent Pison

Case Report

Title: Left Atrial Appendage Thrombus Resolution with Reduced Dose Apixaban

Credits: Beatriz Vaquerizo, MD, PhD, Magdi Sami, MB, BCh

Title: Anticoagulation in heart failure: a review

Credits: Emily P. Zeitler, Zubin J Eapen

Title: Cardiac Magnetic Resonance for Ventricular Arrhythmia Therapies in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Credits: Kivanc Yalin, Ebru Golcuk.

Title: Phased RF ablation: results and concerns

Credits: Alexandra Kiss, MD, PhD, Gábor Sándorfi, MD, Edina Nagy-Baló, MD, PhD, Mihran Martirosyan, MD, Zoltan Csanadi, MD, PhD

Title: Co-morbidities and cardiac resynchronization therapy: When should they modify patient selection?

Credits: Dr. Martin H Ruwald

Title: Risk of Ischemic Stroke and Stroke Prevention in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and Renal Dysfunction

Credits: Tze-Fan Chao, Shih-Ann Chen

Journal Review

Title: Lone AF: is there a rationale?

Credits: Duygu Kocyigit, Kadri Murat Gurses, Kudret Aytemir

Title: Cryoablation versus radiofrequency ablation in AVNRT: same goal, different strategy

Credits: Riahi Leila, Prisecaru Raluca, De Greef Yves, Stockman Dirk, Schwagten Bruno

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