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Title: Safety and Utility of Cardiac MRI in a Patient with Pericardial Effusion and a Recently Implanted Conventional Pacemaker

Credits: Hussam Ali, Gianluca Epicoco, Antonio Sorgente, Pierpaolo Lupo, Riccardo Cappato

  • Dr. Hussam Ali, MD, FESC.

    Affiliation: Master in Cardiac EP EHRA Certified Electrophysiology Specialist (ECES 1, ECES 2) AIAC Regional Councilor (Lombardy) Cardiac Electrophysiologist: Arrhythmia & EP Unit II - Humanitas Gavazzeni Clinics - Bergamo (Italy)

  • Dr. Hussam Ali,, MD, FESC.

    Affiliation: University Master in Cardiac EP & Pacing. EHRA Certified Electrophysiology Specialist (ECES1, ECES2). Current affiliation: Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Arrhythmia & EP Unit II, Humanitas Gavazzeni Clinics, Bergamo (BG), Italy. Major interests: catheter ablation and arrhythmia mapping, WPW, pacing maneuvers, subcutaneous ICD

  • Hussam Ali, .

    Affiliation: Dr. Hussam Ali: MD, FESC, FEHRA, FAIAC; University Master in Cardiac EP & Pacing; EHRA Certified Speciality in Invasive Cardiac EP (ECES 1, ECES 2); AIAC Regional Councilor (Lombardy 2016-2018); Senior Cardiac Electrophysiologist: Arrhythmia & EP Research Center - IRCCS Humanitas Research & University Hospital, Rozzano, Milan, Italy

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