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Title: Transient ST elevation in vagally mediated atrial fibrillation

Credits: Constantinos Makrides, MD

Title: Risk Factors for the Development of Atrial Fibrillation in HIV Infected Patients

Credits: Yaser Elnahar MD, Joseph Daoko MD, Anthony Al-Dehneh MD, Nishant Gupta MD, Vincent A. DeBari PhD, Fayez Shamoon, Constantinos A. Costeas MD

  • Dr. Makrides Constantinos, M.D.

    Affiliation: Member of the Cyprus Society of Cardiology. Special interest in echocardiography, stress echocardiography, coronary flow reserve, contrast perfusion and arrhythmias. Head of the Limassol Cardiology Center - Limassol, CYPRUS

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    Introduction to AFib
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