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Title: Bipolar Voltage Mapping for the Evaluation of Atrial Substrate: Can We Overcome the Challenge of Directionality?

Credits: Takanori Yamaguchi, MD, Akira Fukui, MD, PhD, and Koichi Node, MD, PhD

Title: Safety of the novel oral anticoagulant edoxaban for atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery: Pilot study

Credits: Akira Sezai, Shunji Osaka, Hiroko Yaoita, Munehito Arimoto, Hiroaki Hata, Motomi Shiono

Title: Indications for AF Ablation: Before or After the Failure of Antiarrhythmic Drug Therapy?

Credits: Akira Kimata, MD, Yoko Ito, MD, Kentaro Yoshida, MD

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Introduction to AFib
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