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Title: Serial Magnetic Resonance Imaging after Electrical Cardioversion of Recent Onset Atrial Fibrillation in Anticoagulant-Naïve Patients – A Prospective Study Exploring Clinically Silent Cerebral Lesions

Credits: Panagiotis Arvanitis1, Anna-Karin Johansson, Mats Frick, Helena Malmborg, Spyridon Gerovasileiou , Elna-Marie Larsson, Carina Blomstrm-Lundqvist

Title: Selective Activation Re-Mapping Reveals the Mechanism in Apparently Unstable Atrial Tachycardias.

Credits: Ioannidis P, Zografos T, Vassilopoulos C, Christoforatou E, Dadous G, Skeberis V, Sakadamis G, Kanonidis I.

Title: Brugada syndrome: risk stratification and management

Credits: Konstantinos P. Letsas, Stamatis Georgopoulos, Konstantinos Vlachos, Nikolaos karamichalakis, Ioannis Liatakis, Panagiotis Korantzopoulos, Tong Liu, Michael Efremidis, Antonios Sideris

Title: Efficacy, high procedural safety and rapid optimization of cryoballoon atrial fibrillation ablation in the hands of a new operator

Credits: Eberhard Scholz, Patrick Lugenbiel, Patrick A. Schweizer, Panagiotis Xynogalos, Claudia Seyler, Edgar Zitron, Rdiger Becker, Hugo A. Katus, Dierk Thomas

Title: The effects of ranolazine on paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in patients with coronary artery disease: a preliminary observational study

Credits: Dionyssios Leftheriotis, Panayota Flevari, George Theodorakis, Angelos Rigopoulos, Ignatios Ikonomidis, Fotis Panou, Vassilios Sourides, Panagiotis Simitsis, Georgios Giannakakis, Isaac Aidonidis, Ioannis Rizos, Maria Anastasiou-Nana

Title: Catheter Ablation of Atrial fibrillation in Overweight and Obese Patients

Credits: Louiza Lioni, MD, Panagiotis Korantzopoulos, MD, Konstantinos P. Letsas, MD, FESC

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