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Atrial Fibrillation after Radiofrequency Ablation of Type I Atrial Flutter

Typical atrial flutter (AFL) or type I AFL is the most common type of macroreentrant atrial tachycardia. Its prevalence increases with age and is more common in men. Ablation of the cavo-tricuspid isthmus (CTI), a critical part of the circuit, is safe and highly effective. Despite the long-term efficacy of this therapy, a significant proportion of patients undergoing CTI ablation will develop atrial fibrillation (AF) during the follow-up and identifying them can have an important impact on their management. PV isolation and typical flutter ablation during the same procedure may be an effective treatment strategy for patients with clinical documentation of both arrhythmias.

Credits: Chan-Il Park; Pacale Gentil-Baron; Dipen Shah

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