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Subcutaneouscardiac Rhythm Monitors: A Comprehensive Review

Subcutaneous loop recorders (SCRMs) are subcutaneous electronic devices which have revolutionized the field of arrhythmia detection. They have become increasingly appealing due to advances such as miniaturization of device, longer battery life, bluetooth capabilities and relatively simple implantation technique without the need for complex surgical suites. They can be implanted in the office, patient bedside without the need to go to the operating room. One of the most common indications for their implantation is detection of atrial fibrillation (AF) after a cryptogenic stroke. They have also been utilized for assessing the success of rhythm control strategies such post pulmonary venous isolation. More recently studies have assessed the utility of SCRMs for detecting silent AF in at risk populations such as patients with sleep apnea or those on hemodialysis. In this paper, we review the evolution of SCRMs, the clinical studies assessing their value for different indications, their role incurrent clinical practice and future avenues in the era of smart wearable devices like apple watch etc.

Credits: Gaurav Aggarwal , Saurabh Aggarwal , Venkata Alla ,Bharat Narasimhan , Kyungmoo Ryu, Courtney Jeffery , Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

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