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Wading Through the Dangers of COVID-19

Welcome to the Volume12/Issue-6 of the Journal of Atrial Fibrillation. The Journal extends its heartfelt sympathies to many unsung healthcare heroes who lost their lives while saving the lives of many others who were affected by COVID-19. As the world slowly tries to unlock itself from the COVID-19 isolation and tries to establish a reasonable sense of normalcy, the second wave looms at our doorstep as a cruel reminder. We learnt so many things from this unprecedented global pandemic. The entire humanity had to relearn how it conducted business on many fronts. Online meeting platforms have become integral part of our professional and personal lives. On a personal level this hiatus in my life gave a better perspective to the things that used to miss on the personal front. Evening dinners and the weekend togethers with family which typically got shorted by many meetings and travel, were back on the calendar giving me more family time. I am sure it was the same for all of you.

Credits: Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

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