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The Atrial Fibrillation Therapies after ER visit: Outpatient Care for Patients with Acute AF - The AFTER3 Study

Background: Visits to the emergency room (ER) for atrial fibrillation/flutter (AF) are common, but follow-up care is rarely systematically organized and is often delayed.

Purpose: We conducted a pilot program to develop a systematic, protocol-based system of care for patients presenting to the ER with a primary diagnosis of AF.

Methods: Consecutive patients presenting to the ER with ECG-documented AF at an urban teaching hospital were treated according to a guideline-based care protocol, including a patient toolkit at ER discharge, and systematic referral to a rapid access AF clinic. Consenting patients received questionnaires on AF knowledge, patient satisfaction, and the AFEQT questionnaire at first visit and three-month follow-up.

Results: Of the 321 patients with AF, 244 (76%) were discharged from the ER and 166 (68%) were referred to the AF clinic for urgent follow-up. Among 166 referred, 144 (87%) were seen, within a median 10.5 days (IQR 6-16.5 days); 128 (89%) patients agreed to participate in the study and 81% received a toolkit in the ER.  The mean age of patients seen in AF clinic was 63.6±13.2 years and 59% were male. Eighty-seven percent were aware of their diagnosis, stroke risk (82%), possible complications (90%), treatment options (86%) and benefits of adherence (86%). Severity of Atrial Fibrillation class was > 2 in 51% at baseline; AFEQT scores increased from baseline (56.4±25.5) to three months post-ER visit (76.4±20.0), a moderately large improvement in QOL (p<0.0001).  Seventy eight percent of patients with CHA2DS2-VASc score > 1 were treated with an oral anticoagulant.

Conclusion: A systematic program to improve patient transition of care from the ER to community clinic was associated with prompt, guideline-based care, and high levels of patient disease awareness. Quality of life scores improved substantially between the index ER visit and 3 months post-visit.

Credits: Paul Angaran, MD; Zana Mariano, MA, CCRP; Vlad Dragan, BSc; Lily Zou, MSc; Clare L. Atzema, MD, MSc; Iqwal Mangat, MD; Paul Dorian, MD, MSc

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