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Catheter ablation is an established treatment option for symptomatic atrial fibrillation (AF), with circumferential pulmonary vein isolation being considered the cornerstone of the procedure. However, this is a complex intervention with potential major complications and with common arrhythmia recurrences. There is consensus among experts that all patients should be seen in follow-up regularly after AF ablation. To date there are limited data regarding the best methodology for routine clinical follow-up of this population. This review summarizes a contemporary insight into management of late complications following AF ablation, post-procedural anticoagulation and arrhythmia monitoring strategies, in order to prevent thromboembolic events, detect and treat arrhythmia recurrences, and discuss the use of upstream therapies after AF ablation. 

Credits: Dr. Mário M. Oliveira

Biosense Webster
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Introduction to AFib
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