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April 15th, 2014
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Got symptoms as Back pain, Irregular heart beat and having hard time breathing, and facing bloating in stomach. please help to recognize problem in me???
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

It sounds as though many of these symptoms could be due to a heart rhythm abnormality. It would be important for you to be evaluated by a cardiologist to look for solutions to this problem

My son is just eight month old. He was born 6 weeks early because of Atrial Flutter and was hospitalized. His forehead is so cold like sweat. He is on propanol. Temperature reads about 74.2. Is this normal? What could be his condition?
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

It is not typical for people to have atrial flutter in infancy. I hope that you are in contact with a pediatric cardiologist. It would be important to address these questions with such a person

: I'm 18 years old white female, and I've been smoking cigarettes for about 8 months. I don't work out, but I'm skinny, 5'8 and 117lbs. My heart beat is 64 bpm and found beats skipping, then stops, then flutters. It is doing this a lot lately. I have decided to quit today though I don't take medication. All this week, I felt scared and anxiety and sometimes woke up at nights. I feel heart beat a lot and my left arm goes tingly sometimes itís annoying and my chest goes numb. Am I alright. Should I consult a doctor?
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

I am happy that you have decided to quit smoking. This is the most important thing you can do to stay healthy. I think that it is also very hard, and it seems like your symptoms (which are mostly due to anxiety) are part of the difficulty of quitting. Keep up the good work!

: I am a male, age 27 years old. Having cough since 3 weeks. 3days ago, I visited my doctor, gone through an x-ray and ESR and blood rate. He suggested me to take prescribed medicine for 4 days, if still does not get cure told me to meet him again. But i still have same problem it is too hard to take a breath while i cough and it comes all the day now for 10 times. I am afraif sir... please suggest me .
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

I would call your physician back and discuss your symptoms with him. It sounds as though you have a lung infection that is not getting better, and may need a change in medicine.

I am 14 years old! I pee for every 10-15 minutes and my body is always shaking. My heart never stops pounding but maybe for like 5 minutes. Right now I am having heart pains and I have been burning up off and on too. Whats wrong with my body..???
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

I am not sure how to explain all of your symptoms, but I think it would be important for you to start seeing a doctor and sorting these out. I would start with an internist / family physician, but some attention should be paid to figuring out your symptoms of heart pounding (like with a monitor)

I am 30 years old Female. For no reason I feel my heart beating really fast and It is hard to take a breath. And sometimes everything turns to black around me for a second. Only way I found to get my heartbeat slowdown is to sit down, put my head in between my legs and take deep breaths. Then I feel like my heart beats really hard and then slowly it goes back to normal. If i get up to quick, it will start right back up. it donít happen all the time, mostly if I am doing something that is physical like taking a shower. Now it just has happened when I was standing. It beats so fast that someone can hear my breathing like shaking and can be seen through my shirt. I really get light headed cause of this too.
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

It certainly sounds like your symptoms are due to a primary arrhythmia problem. There are very good treatments for this, and you should pursue them with an electrophysiologist.

: HI, I'm 29 years old, 5' 11" and 178lbs, having rapid heartbeat, terrible sweating feeling, faint blurry vision and feeling weak. I have migraines a cyst on my liver, got vomiting and diarrhea history. I had bad chest pain on and off the past few weeks and today I have observed that some heartbeats are randomly more powerful than others. I can even see some through my shirt just under my left nipple and sometimes it's painful. What this could be..?
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

It is difficult to tell how your symptoms fit together over the web. I think you should see a cardiologist, and start to evaluate the cause of your symptoms

I am 16yrs old and I am suffering hard from pains in my chest and heart. I used to smoke before but altogether about 20 cigarettes in my whole life. I am not smoking nor drinking any alcohol now. I feel serious pressure and as if someone is poking my heart with a needle, sometimes the beat goes really fast. What this could be, I am really worried..?
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

It is important to be evaluated by a cardiologist. At 16, it is highly probable that you do not have a serious heart condition, but I am sure that treatment could make you feel better

HI, I am a 15 6feet tall 157lds male having a resting heartbeat of 129bpm. Have no change in my diet and I even do not eat sugary foods. It is since 4 hours from now that I feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest, is this bad? I am really worried this and I want to how this had happened to Me.??
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

I think that it is important for you to be evaluated by a cardiologist, or better still an electrophysiologist. These symptoms sound as though they are related to an arrhythmia, and treatment to make you feel better is available.

HI, I am 16years old yesterday something bad happened to me .First of all I felt dizziness and then my heart started beating fast, breathing was pretty hard for a while and it starts to get worst. I taught my blood pressure dropped down. I started feeling shaking and cold. And at some point it went so bad that I thought of an ambulance. I felt weird sensations in my head sometimes and my left hand started to get numb. I also feel twinge in my heart, reaching 128 beats a minute. Then I took a paracetamol and a vitamin C couple of hours ago. Now, it is that I feel a kind of powerless and low in energy. My left ear hearts a bit once a while. I never experienced it before and I thought this could be due to abdominal gas. My blood pressure got better since last night. I still feel sick and I also got diarrhea along with abdominal pain and gas. Like a sinusitis, I feel pressure on the bottom side of my nose. I also have light fever, so planning to visit my doctor soon tomorrow. I am really worried on this.
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

It is very difficult to interpret events that have happened only a single time. It might be that you had a viral illness, and all of the other symptoms were in reaction to this. It might be that you have an arrhythmia, but some arrhythmias are transient and unlikely to recur. I think you should not be frightened by these symptoms (even though that is a very natural response) as they are absolutely treatable and not dangerous. It may well be that you never feel this way again though

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