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July 26th, 2014
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When I just sat down in my bed , I suddenly felt my heart beat racing and pounding fastly in my throat as well. As I felt choking, I started coughing which lasted for about two mts and it is that now I am fine but got freaked out. What could that be?
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

If this happened to you a single time, I would not be worried about it. If it happens often, I think you should see a cardiologist and obtain a monitor to establish whether a heart rhythm problem is the cause of the symptoms.

Whenever I am at work or while commuting on my way to home, I usually unintentionally fall asleep. My sleeping part is not that bad. But, when I wake up I feel my heart beating very fast.
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

Most of the time, when people feel this sensation it is related to a surge of adrenaline when they awaken, not an arrhythmia

Hi... I am John, a 47 yrs old male, of 174cm height and 80kg weight. I checked my BP and itís around 110 over 64. Heart rate counted as 45 beats/min. Is mine a normal case.
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

The normal heart rate is usually stated between 60 - 100 / min, but there is a great deal of individual varation. More important than the heart rate is the way that you are feeling - if you are feeling well and have good exercise tolerance, 45 / min is not too low.

Hi. Whenever I eat big meals like chicken over the grill, double cheese burger my heart beats fast. It happened thrice till now. At Noon when I took a nap, it attacks and affects me a lot. Is it due to anxiety or anything else? The effect dies after twenty to forty five minutes.
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

Palpitations (the sensation of awareness of your heart beat) is a very frequent human experience. The cause can be many different things, including heart arrhythmias, events unrelated to the heart, and anxiety. If this problem is sufficiently bothersome, you should see a cardiologist to get a monitor, which would diagnose the specific rhythm that is causing your symptoms.

I am 30 yrs old and have high blood pressure for a while now. I was suggested to go for ECG which i did. I saw something written as left atrial abnormality on my reports and I donít know its meaning. Could you explain me about my situation?
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

Many findings on the ECG are not very precise, and left atrial abnormality is one such finding. The correlation of ECG findings and actual left atrial enlargement (as measured by echocardiogram or other imaging studies) is not very good. The most important thing that you could do is to make sure that your blood pressure is well treated.

I am a 27 year old female with rapid A-Fib. My grandmother and father also have a A-Fib. When I have an episode, my heart rate is always in the high 140s. I was prescribed Multaq but it seemed like my symptoms got worse (random rapid heartbeats). Also, I was very concerned about the safety of the drug. Do you have any opinions? My cardiologist assured me it was the best drug for me. I got a second opinion and the doctor told me to quit taking multaq and prescribed Lopressor and Felcainide. I also take aspirin as a blood thinner. My blood pressure was always normal, but now itís running very low and I feel lethargic. I am concerned about having to take medications for the next 60+ years. I want to have children soon as well and my understanding is that there are not any anti-arrhythmic medications that are safe during pregnancy. Would I be a good candidate for ablation? Are there any risks of having AFib for so many years? My dad has chronic A-fib and has never been able to get into a normal sinus rhythm since his 30s. He now has congestive heart failure.
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

I think that you are an excellent candidate for ablation, particularly with the considerations that you bring up (problems with antiarrhythmic medications during childbearing years, side effects, and long term consequences of atrial fibrillation). Most investigators feel that atrial fibrillation is an independent risk factor for the development of heart failure; however, this is hard to be certain about, as many conditions predispose to both problems

Got symptoms as Back pain, Irregular heart beat and having hard time breathing, and facing bloating in stomach. please help to recognize problem in me???
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

It sounds as though many of these symptoms could be due to a heart rhythm abnormality. It would be important for you to be evaluated by a cardiologist to look for solutions to this problem

My son is just eight month old. He was born 6 weeks early because of Atrial Flutter and was hospitalized. His forehead is so cold like sweat. He is on propanol. Temperature reads about 74.2. Is this normal? What could be his condition?
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

It is not typical for people to have atrial flutter in infancy. I hope that you are in contact with a pediatric cardiologist. It would be important to address these questions with such a person

: I'm 18 years old white female, and I've been smoking cigarettes for about 8 months. I don't work out, but I'm skinny, 5'8 and 117lbs. My heart beat is 64 bpm and found beats skipping, then stops, then flutters. It is doing this a lot lately. I have decided to quit today though I don't take medication. All this week, I felt scared and anxiety and sometimes woke up at nights. I feel heart beat a lot and my left arm goes tingly sometimes itís annoying and my chest goes numb. Am I alright. Should I consult a doctor?
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

I am happy that you have decided to quit smoking. This is the most important thing you can do to stay healthy. I think that it is also very hard, and it seems like your symptoms (which are mostly due to anxiety) are part of the difficulty of quitting. Keep up the good work!

: I am a male, age 27 years old. Having cough since 3 weeks. 3days ago, I visited my doctor, gone through an x-ray and ESR and blood rate. He suggested me to take prescribed medicine for 4 days, if still does not get cure told me to meet him again. But i still have same problem it is too hard to take a breath while i cough and it comes all the day now for 10 times. I am afraif sir... please suggest me .
2011-10-16 Answered By : Dr. David John Callans

I would call your physician back and discuss your symptoms with him. It sounds as though you have a lung infection that is not getting better, and may need a change in medicine.

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