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January 17th, 2017
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Literature Related to Jeffrey A. Bakal, PhD [Author]
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Frequency of cardiac death in children with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.
Authors : Dimas V Vivian VV; Denfield Susan W SW; Friedman Richard A RA; Cannon Bryan C BC; Kim Jeffrey J JJ; Smith E O 'brian EO; Clunie Sarah K SK; Price Jack F JF; Towbin Jeffrey A JA; Dreyer William J WJ; Kertesz Naomi J NJ;
Affiliation : Department of Pediatrics, Division of Cardiology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Journal : Am. J. Cardiol.   (2009)
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Dietary fish intake and incident atrial fibrillation (from the Women's Health Initiative).
Authors : Berry Jarett D JD; Prineas Ronald J RJ; van Horn Linda L; Passman Rod R; Larson Joseph J; Goldberger Jeffrey J; Snetselaar Linda L; Tinker Lesley L; Liu Kiang K; Lloyd-Jones Donald M DM;
Affiliation : Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Journal : Am. J. Cardiol.   (2010)
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A randomized phase 2 study of etaracizumab, a monoclonal antibody against integrin alpha(v)beta(3), + or - dacarbazine in patients with stage IV metastatic melanoma.
Authors : Hersey Peter P; Sosman Jeffrey J; O'Day Steven S; Richards Jon J; Bedikian Agop A; Gonzalez Rene R; Sharfman William W; Weber Robert R; Logan Theodore T; Buzoianu Manuela M; Hammershaimb Luz L; Kirkwood John M JM; ;
Affiliation : Newcastle Melanoma Unit, Newcastle, Australia.
Journal : Cancer   (2010)
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Racial Differences in Atrial Fibrillation Prevalence and Left Atrial Size.
Authors : Marcus Gregory M GM; Olgin Jeffrey E JE; Whooley Mary M; Vittinghoff Eric E; Stone Katie L KL; Mehra Reena R; Hulley Stephen B SB; Schiller Nelson B NB;
Affiliation : Division of Cardiology, Electrophysiology Section, University of California, San Francisco.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
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Another oral thrombin inhibitor for stroke preventionin atrial fibrillation?
Authors : Eikelboom John W JW; Weitz Jeffrey I JI;
Affiliation : N/A
Journal : Thromb. Haemost.   (2010)
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Late Gadolinium Enhancement of the Esophagus is Common on Cardiac MR Several Months after Pulmonary Vein Isolation: Preliminary Observations.
Authors : Meng Joyce J; Peters Dana C DC; Hsing Jeffrey M JM; Chuang Michael L ML; Chan Jonathan J; Fish Airley A; Josephson Mark E ME; Manning Warren J WJ;
Affiliation : Cardiovascular Division, Department of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
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Usefulness of neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio as predictor of new-onset atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass grafting.
Authors : Gibson Patrick H PH; Cuthbertson Brian H BH; Croal Bernard L BL; Rae Daniela D; El-Shafei Hussein H; Gibson George G; Jeffrey Robert R RR; Buchan Keith G KG; Hillis Graham S GS;
Affiliation : Department of Cardiology, University of Aberdeen and Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
Journal : Am. J. Cardiol.   (2010)
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Strong independent correlation of proteinuria with cerebral microbleeds in patients with stroke and transient ischemic attack.
Authors : Ovbiagele Bruce B; Liebeskind David S DS; Pineda Sandra S; Saver Jeffrey L JL;
Affiliation : Department ofNeurology, StrokeCenter, University ofCalifornia, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA.
Journal : Arch. Neurol.   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
New oral anticoagulants in development.
Authors : Weitz Jeffrey I JI;
Affiliation : Department of Medicine, McMaster University and Henderson Research Centre, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Journal : Thromb. Haemost.   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Age-related differences in characteristics, performance measures, treatment trends, and outcomes in patients with ischemic stroke.
Authors : Fonarow Gregg C GC; Reeves Mathew J MJ; Zhao Xin X; Olson DaiWai M DM; Smith Eric E EE; Saver Jeffrey L JL; Schwamm Lee H LH; ;
Affiliation : Ahmanson-UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center, UCLA Medical Center, 10833 LeConte Ave, Room 47-123 CHS, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1679, USA.
Journal : Circulation   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Influence of Heart Rate on Quality of Life in Patients With Chronic Atrial Fibrillation.
Authors : Jaber Jefferson J; Cirenza Claudio C; Jaber Jeffrey J; Amaral Alessandro A; Almeida de Sousa José Marconi JM; Oliveira Filho Japy A JA; de Paola Angelo A V AA;
Affiliation : Cardiology Division, Department of Medicine, Federal University of Săo Paulo, Săo Paulo, Brazil.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Ion channel trafficking: A new therapeutic horizon for atrial fibrillation.
Authors : Schumacher Sarah M SM; Martens Jeffrey R JR;
Affiliation : Department of Pharmacology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
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Measuring the Complexity of Atrial Fibrillation Electrograms.
Authors : Ng Jason J; Borodyanskiy Aleksey I AI; Chang Eric T ET; Villuendas Roger R; Dibs Samer S; Kadish Alan H AH; Goldberger Jeffrey J JJ;
Affiliation : From the Bluhm Cardiovascular Center and the Division of Cardiology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
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Where does atrial fibrillation surgery fail? Implications for increasing effectiveness of ablation.
Authors : McCarthy Patrick M PM; Kruse Jane J; Shalli Shanaz S; Ilkhanoff Leonard L; Goldberger Jeffrey J JJ; Kadish Alan H AH; Arora Rishi R; Lee Richard R;
Affiliation : Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Northwestern Memorial Hospital, 201 East Huron St, Suite 11-140, Chicago, IL 60611-2908, USA.
Journal : J. Thorac. Cardiovasc. Surg.   (2010)
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Transmural characteristics of atrial fibrillation in canine models of structural and electrical atrial remodeling assessed by simultaneous epicardial and endocardial mapping.
Authors : Everett Thomas H TH; Wilson Emily E EE; Hulley George S GS; Olgin Jeffrey E JE;
Affiliation : Department of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Division of Cardiology, and the Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California, San Francisco, California, USA.
Journal : Heart Rhythm   (2010)
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