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June 22nd, 2017
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Literature Related to Giuseppe Boriani [Author]
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Atrial fibrillation is a possible marker of frailty in hospitalized patients: results of the GIFA Study.
Authors : Fumagalli Stefano S; Tarantini Francesca F; Guarducci Lorenzo L; Pozzi Claudia C; Pepe Giuseppe G; Boncinelli Lorenzo L; Valoti Paolo P; Baldasseroni Samuele S; Masotti Giulio G; Marchionni Niccolň N; ;
Affiliation : Department of Geriatric Cardiology and Medicine, University of Florence and AOU Careggi, Florence, Italy.
Journal : Aging Clin Exp Res   (2009)
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Safety of drug eluting stents in patients on chronic anticoagulation using long-term single antiplatelet treatment with clopidogrel.
Authors : Pasceri Vincenzo V; Patti Giuseppe G; Pristipino Christian C; Pelliccia Francesco F; Irini Diego D; Varveri Antonio A; Roncella Adriana A; Di Sciascio Germano G; Speciale Giulio G;
Affiliation : Interventional Cardiology Unit, San Filippo Neri Hospital, Rome, Italy.
Journal : N/A   (2009)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Pulmonary vein isolation after circumferential pulmonary vein ablation: comparison between Lasso and three-dimensional electroanatomical assessment of complete electrical disconnection.
Authors : Augello Giuseppe G; Vicedomini Gabriele G; Saviano Massimo M; Crisa Simonetta S; Mazzone Patrizio P; Ornago Ombretta O; Zuffada Francesca F; Santinelli Vincenzo V; Pappone Carlo C;
Affiliation : Department of Arrhythmology, San Raffaele University Hospital, Milan, Italy.
Journal : Heart Rhythm   (2009)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Effect of high-pass filtering on ECG signal on the analysis of patients prone to atrial fibrillation.
Authors : Censi Federica F; Calcagnini Giovanni G; Triventi Michele M; Mattei Eugenio E; Bartolini Pietro P; Corazza Ivan I; Boriani Giuseppe G;
Affiliation : Dipartimento di Tecnologie e Salute, Istituto Superiore di Sanitŕ, Rome, Italy.
Journal : Ann. Ist. Super. Sanita   (2009)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website N/A
Actual Pacemaker Longevity: The Benefit of Stimulation by Automatic Capture Verification.
Authors : Biffi Mauro M; Bertini Matteo M; Saporito Davide D; Ziacchi Matteo M; Martignani Cristian C; Diemberger Igor I; Boriani Giuseppe G;
Affiliation : From the Institute of Cardiology, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Epicardial radiofrequency ablation and aortic valve replacement through right mini-thoracotomy.
Authors : Bevilacqua Stefano S; Cerillo Alfredo Giuseppe AG; Solinas Marco M; Glauber Mattia M;
Affiliation : Heart Hospital G. Pasquinucci, Monasterio Foundation, National Research Council, Massa, Italy.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Visualization of coronary arteries and coronary stents by low dose 320-slice multi-detector computed tomography in a patient with atrial fibrillation.
Authors : Gaudio Carlo C; Evangelista Antonietta A; Pasceri Vincenzo V; Pannarale Giuseppe G; Varrica Salvatore S; Romitelli Susanna S; Pelliccia Francesco F; Pellegrini Massimo M;
Affiliation : Department of Heart and Great Vessels, "La Sapienza" University, Italy.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Use of a novel sharp-tip, J-shaped guidewire to facilitate transseptal catheterization.
Authors : De Ponti Roberto R; Marazzi Raffaella R; Picciolo Giuseppe G; Salerno-Uriarte Jorge A JA;
Affiliation : Department of Heart, Brain and Vessels, Ospedale di Circolo e Fondazione Macchi, University of Insubria, Viale Borri, 57, IT-21100 Varese, Italy.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Thyroid function and cardiac surgery: what should we measure, and when?
Authors : Cerillo Alfredo Giuseppe AG; Storti Simona S; Clerico Aldo A; Iervasi Giorgio G;
Affiliation : N/A
Journal : Ann. Thorac. Surg.   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Comparison of antiarrhythmic drug therapy and radiofrequency catheter ablation in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation: a randomized controlled trial.
Authors : Wilber David J DJ; Pappone Carlo C; Neuzil Petr P; De Paola Angelo A; Marchlinski Frank F; Natale Andrea A; Macle Laurent L; Daoud Emile G EG; Calkins Hugh H; Hall Burr B; Reddy Vivek V; Augello Giuseppe G; Reynolds Matthew R MR; Vinekar Chandan C; Liu Christine Y CY; Berry Scott M SM; Berry Donald A DA; ;
Affiliation : Cardiovascular Institute, Department of Medicine, Loyola University Medical Center, 2160 S First Ave, Bldg 110, Room 6232, Maywood, IL 60153, USA.
Journal : JAMA   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Usefulness of statins in preventing atrial fibrillation in patients with permanent pacemaker: a systematic review.
Authors : Santangeli Pasquale P; Ferrante Giuseppe G; Pelargonio Gemma G; Dello Russo Antonio A; Casella Michela M; Bartoletti Stefano S; Di Biase Luigi L; Crea Filippo F; Natale Andrea A;
Affiliation : 1 Institute of Cardiology, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Largo A. Gemelli, 8, 00168 Rome, Italy.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Alterations of atrial electrophysiology induced by electrolyte variations: combined computational and P-wave analysis.
Authors : Severi Stefano S; Pogliani Daniela D; Fantini Giulia G; Fabbrini Paolo P; Viganň Maria Rosa MR; Galbiati Eleonora E; Bonforte Giuseppe G; Vincenti Antonio A; Stella Andrea A; Genovesi Simonetta S;
Affiliation : 1Laboratorio di Ingegneria Biomedica - D.E.I.S, Universitŕ di Bologna, Cesena, Italy.
Journal : N/A   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Intravenous administration of flecainide or propafenone in patients with recent-onset atrial fibrillation does not predict adverse effects during 'pill-in-the-pocket' treatment.
Authors : Alboni Paolo P; Botto Giovanni L GL; Boriani Giuseppe G; Russo Giovanni G; Pacchioni Federico F; Iori Matteo M; Pasanisi Giovanni G; Mancini Marina M; Mariconti Barbara B; Capucci Alessandro A;
Affiliation : Division of Cardiology, Ospedale Civile, Cento (FE) 44042, Italy;
Journal : Heart   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Transient basilar artery occlusion monitored by transcranial color Doppler presenting with a spectacular shrinking deficit: a case report.
Authors : Nicoletti Giuseppe G; Albano Gerardina G; Sanguigni Sandro S; Tardi Salvatore S; Malferrari Giovanni G; Del Sette Massimo M; Bruno Filomena F; Nicolai Aldo A;
Affiliation : Geriatric Department, Madonna delle Grazie Hospital, via Cattedra Ambulante 75100 Matera, Italy.
Journal : J Med Case Reports   (2010)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website
Comprehensive risk reduction in patients with atrial fibrillation: emerging diagnostic and therapeutic options—a report from the 3rd Atrial Fibrillation Competence NETwork/European Heart Rhythm Association consensus conference
Authors :
Affiliation : Tel: +49 251 8345185; fax: +49 251 8345185, Email:
Journal : N/A   (2011)
Related Links: Pubmed | Publisher website

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